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Web interface front-end

The thin client component that is part of the q-change™ multi-tier architecture uses a standard browser, making access possible from any location to any authorized user with an intranet or internet connection.

q-change™ features an intuitive, easy to use interface built on hypertext markup language (HTML) with embedded template elements, images, and JavaScript (enabling real-time field value validation).


Java processing technology

LogiQwest has built q-change™ for the new generation of distributed computing using Java application programming interfaces (APIs) for web interface, multi-threading for handling requests, and java database connectivity (JDBC) to connect to the back-end.
q-change™ runs on any computer platform that has J2EE installed, including Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, MacOS X, and can be deployed with any J2EE servlet container.

Database back-end

q-change™ uses an industry-standard RDBMS to manage the company configuration, user contact, and change request data
q-change™ is delivered with the MySQL engine using InnoDB and ISAM tables, which provide both high performance and referential integrity at low cost
The q-change™ database implementation includes the use of meta-data for field headers, pull-down lists, and standard screen configurations

Implementation services

As part of the q-change™ solution, LogiQwest will assist you with the implementation of the q-change™ software, provide training, and integrate the q-change™ functions into your IT change management processes.

Find out about
ITIL® best practices
on the OGC website.


"change is good"

Features and benefits

Automatic e-mail notification
q-change™ submits change announcement via e-mail. User/owner accesses URL and logs in to q-change™ for review of "my changes".

Online viewing of "my changes"
Access change information online to approve or reject and drill down for detail information. Authorized users may view the responses and reasons entered of all of the contacts on the change list.

Optimum support for the change request process
Enter requests for changes, justifications, assessments of impact and required resources. A set of pre-defined questions ensures that important implementation, user, and documentation issues are addressed.
q-change™ uses built-in logic to generate a user-modifiable contact list based on system relations and change request specifications.

User contact and system dependencies
Building relationships between systems becomes an easy task. Supporting complex hierarchies, q-change™ recursively analyzes system relations and contact relations.

Configuration information
q-change™ captures pertinent data for the company configuration items as supported by a library of configuration definitions.

Search capabilities
Effectively track your changes, system configurations, and user information with q-change™ built in search criteria.

q-Status™ integration
q-change™ is fully integrated with q-Status™ , the configuration monitoring tool used by Sun Microsystems' Professional Services organization, making it easy to import and maintain configuration data into your database.

ITIL compatibility
ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) is recognized internationally as the standard for best practices across all industries. q-change™ transactions closely follow the ITIL change management process flow plus they support integrated configuration management.

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