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Introducing q-change™ 1.5

Use change management
to ensure high service standards and availability
for your IT systems
    Configuration and user dependencies
    Online approval/rejection process
    Open standards compliant
    Compatible with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
100% browser-based user interface    
Automatic contact notification via e-mail    
Multi-tier architecture uses J2EE, MySQL    
Seamless q-Status integration    
Configuration and change management functionality
q-change™ is a powerful new tool that utilizes the latest technologies for supporting IT change management processes. By integrating change management and configuration management, LogiQwest is able to provide a comprehensive environment to process IT changes utilizing an ITIL compliant configuration item database.

Modern flexible architecture
LogiQwest has developed q-change™ for the new generation of distributed computing, and leverages J2EE and other leading technologies to meet the demand for n-tier, web-enabled, cross-platform, server-centric software.

Solid database performance
q-change™ data resides on the industry standard Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS), MySQL, making it the ideal partner for the vast majority of IT strategies. The sophisticated database engine is able to manage the complex changes across the corporate infrastructure from desktop to network to datacenter.

Click on icon to view a detail screen of "my changes."

'My changes' detail

Download PDF (1.9 MB) for the latest q-change™ brochure.

Download PDF (7.0 MB) of the q-change™ walk thru script.

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