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LogiQwest is Server Analysis
LogiQwest provides IT Managers, system administrators, system specialist, project managers, software developers, database administrators, and computer system professionals with solutions to analyze, review and manage their server hardware and software configurations. Our q-Status™ Server Analysis Software provide comprehensive discrepancy reporting, multiple server and baseline comparisons in an analytical Web environment for multiple operating systems environments at the same time (e.g. Solaris , Linux, AIX, HPUX and Windows, Xen, KVM and VMware Virtual Servers).

Using standard system process, our q-Status™ Server Analysis Software is very easy to install and maintain as compared to other type monitoring software.

We strive to offer the latest, most comprehensive software to help them achieve seamless management, analysis, planning and control related to all aspects of in their IT change, configuration management and day to day operations.

What's New

q-Status™ Server Analysis
  • Software Update Reporting
  • Security Reporting
  • Disk Alerts
  • Configuration Alerts
  • Virtual Server Cross Referencing
  • Load Average Reporting
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About us
LogiQwest was founded in 1997 to provide flexible and specialized system implementation and application development services. Our goal is to help clients align their IT infrastructures, applications and processes with their company business strategy.

How to reach us

LogiQwest, Inc.
16458 Bolsa Chica Street #15
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

telephone 714.883.1949

e-mail: sales@logiqwest.com

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