Perfroming an Archive Install to Updating q-Status™ 

This technical documents briefly described the changes and difference in the structure of q-Status™ from previous to later version.

Archive install for the new q-Status™:

Because of a new redesign, moving previsous version to a later version base, should be accomplished by performing an archive install. The following is a recommended method for an Achieve install.

  • move the existing q-Status™ directory to an archive name
# mv q-StatusSolaris q-StatusSolaris_OLD
  • install new q-Status™ version and test. It will create the same directory name as before.
  • Run the Goodies/clear_Demo_data.sh script to zero out the default data directories.
  • Remove the "data" directory from the new version.
  • Move the "data/" directory from the old version to the new version.
  • Make any required change from the old conf/qStatus.conf directory to the new conf/qStatus.conf.
Note: If the the old data directories were defined some place else than the defaults (e.g. q-Status/data), simply edit the conf/qStatus.conf file to assign to these old definition for the new q-Status™.
  • Distribute the new collections scripts to each client server. New function has been add with all collection scripts and in the case of windows a new collection structure.


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