Request for q-Status™ Demo
*Full Name:
NOTE: No Personal Email. Must be company or organization email.
*Phone Number:
*q-Status™ Type:
AIX HPUX Linux Solaris Windows Other
*Number of Servers: refers to number of serves to be monitored.

  1. Demos are provided through GoToMeeting.
  2. International Demos will be provided through GoToMeeting and Skype.
  3. All Demos are in English
  4. "Number of Servers" refer to the number of servers to be monitored.
  5. q-Status™ considers all servers to be a server for server count including Virtual Servers and Windows Workstation.
  6. q-Status™ provides comparisons between servers. Therefore for comparisons the number of servers to be monitored should be more than one.
  7. Email address must be a legitimate company email. No Personal emails will be accepted. For example gmail and yahoo mail are not accepted.