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Current Release Information

Current q-Status™ Release Summaries

Last Update was released 3 October 2021


For clients who have a current support contact, please contact LogiQwest to obtain donwload information and key.

Release Summaries:

Production Releases


Patch Available Pre-Release


q-Status™ Rev 6.04 Linux Update 04 Released --  3 October 2021
q-Status™ Rev 5.30 Solaris Base Released --)  30 January 2013
q-Status™ Rev 6.00 View Base Release Released --  15 October 2016
q-Status™ Rev 5.40 Windows Base Release Released --  28 February 2013
q-Status™ Rev 5.10 AIX Base Release Released --  3 May 2009
q-Status™ Rev 5.10 HPUX Base Release Released --  15 April 2009
Integration Artwork

Update (Click to Download Page)


q-Status™ Integration Artwork (All OSes) 28 June 2021

These versions are downloadable for to clients who hold a current software maintenance contract with Logiqwest for the q-Status™ OS type that has been purchased. If an email with download instructions has not been received by your company, pleased contact Logiqwest directly for instructions. Email: Support

LogiQwest, Inc. - USA       Phone 714.883.1949       

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