Updated 25 September 2006
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Locating I/O or System Board

  • This procedures describes how to locating a system or I/O board actively installed on a server
  • You must know the text pattern of the system or I/O board. This can be extracted from dispaying of the "General Information" page for a similar server. Use the "Hardware" icon in the "Basic" icon set to access this information.

RAW prtdiag file accessed through the "General Information" page can also be used to copy the text pattern of the system or I/O board.

For example copy "qlc-pci1077,2300".

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Step Action Description


Accessing q-Status™
Search Dialogs.

To access the q-Status™ Search dialogs move the mouse over the Header Hyperlinks Rollover text "Search" The color of the text will change to orange and a search popup window will appear.

Move the mouse across this popup window and click the text "General Search". The "General Search by Filetype or Suffix" window will be dispayed:

2 Enter Board Search Criteria
  • Enter the board search partern (e.g. paste "qlc-pci1077,2300") in the "Search String:" text window.
  • Check the radio button () for a "Select File Type" of " patchdiag".
  • Perform "Find".

A five second or greater alert window will display. Click "OK" to contine and the "Search Text Suffix Results" list will be displayed.

3 Select Servers

The "Search Text Suffix Results" list shows all server that contain this board or search string. To view more detail for a specific server, move the mouse cursor over the magifying icon () of a row for a specific Hostname till it enlarges. Click magnifying icon to display the popup window "Search Text Display".

In the "Search Text Display" report, text highligter in "red" indicate the located a located search string.

4 Navigate the links in the
detail report
The highlighted text inr "red" are also hyperlinke to the next occurrence of that string within that page.

If there is only one occurrence or this highlighted text is the last entry, this link option will not be present.