Updated 25 September 2006
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Locate Duplicate IP Addresses

  • This procedures describes how to locate duplicate IP addresses with in a set of servers.
  • None
  • q-Status™ network information is collected using the Unix commands hostid, domainname and ifconfig -a and catting the contents of the /etc/nodname and any hostname.<interface> file.
  • Duplicate IP addresses do not mean that their is a network error. If network assignment is part of an isolated or private network such as a complex server system controller, this may be "OK".

Step Action Description
1 In the "Basic" Icon set,
from the Patches Icon
select Summary

In the "Basic" Icon set, from the Patches Icon, move the mouse cursor over text "Summary" till it enlarges. Click the mouse. Because this summary function process all servers, a confirm dialog box will be displayed with the count of number of servers whose active network interfaces will be summarized along with an estimated time to process this evaluation.

Note: Rollover text in purple indicate generate a multiple host summary report.

Selecting "OK" will processs and then diaply the "Network Summary" Report.

In the the "Network Summary", duplicated IP addresses are highlighted in Red.

Note: Duplicate IP in this report does not necessarily mean that there is a network error. if a duplicate IP address is used as part of an isolated orprivate network such as with a complex server system controller.
2 Optionally Sort and Filter

The "Network Summary" report is initially sorted sorted by IP Addresses. This can be accending or decending using the up and down arrows () in the sortable column headers. Sortable columns are "Hostname", "IP Address" and "System Type".

The group drop down selection menu will also filter the display for that server group only.

3 Display individual network
The individual the "Network Listing" report for a specific server can optionally be displayed by moving the mouse over magifying icon () for a server till it enlarges, then click. The "Network Listing" report will be display.

See "Display Network Information" for more detail.