Updated 25 September 2006
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Display Solaris Zone Configuration

  • This procedures describes how to display the Solaris Zone Configurations for a Zone servers
  • None
  • q-Status™ zone information is collected using the Solaris Unix command /usr/sbin/zoneadm.

Step Action Description
1 Select the Solaris Zones icon
from the "Complex Servers" Icon set

Move mouse cursor over the Solaris Zones Icon till the text is enlarged. Click the mouse. The "Solaris Zones Configurations" report will display.

This report will consist of graphical tables for each Solaris Global Zone enabled. Each of these tables consist of a system summary and two type sub tables:

  • Server Summary
    • Global Zone Server Hostname.
    • Nodename
    • Processor Count
    • Memory
    • Server Type
  • Global Zone Table
    • Zone ID
    • Zonename: global
    • Hostname
    • Zone Status
    • Path
  • Zone Table
    • Zone ID
    • Zonename
    • Status
    • Path
2 Optionally Select Single Zone

The "Solaris Zones Configurations" report can be toggled back and forth to display one server zone configuration or all of the zone server configurations at once. Simply click the <hostname> Zones hyperlink at the top of any zone configuration table (Server Summary section).

All the zone servers can be displayed by simply clicking the <hostname> Zones hyperlink at the top of single zone server

3 Optionally display RAW Global zone data

For any selected zone server table, click on the text "global" in the Global sub table to display the "Zone List" popup window of the RAW zone configuration.

4 Optionally display RAW individual zone data

For any selected zone server table, Click on a zone name header in the Zone sub table to display the "Zone List" popup window the RAW zone configuration for this specific zone name.

5 Optionally display general server information
of a zone server.

Click on a nodename in the Server Summary section of a zone table to display the zone server "System Information Listing".

See "Display General Server Information" for more detail in navigating this report.