Updated 25 September 2006
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Compare Packages Across Multiple Servers

  • This procedures describes how to compare packages across multiple servers in one report.
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  • q-Status™ patch information is collected using the Solaris Unix command pkginfo -l.

Step Action Description
1 In the "Basic" Icon set, from "package/kernal"
Icon select Packages

Move mouse cursor over the "Packages" text in the "Basic" Icon set "package/kernal" Icon. The the text will enlarged. Click the mouse. The single host selection page will be displayed with a "Packages Comparison" Title.

2 Select Servers Navigate through the host selection page, filtering or ordering server selection till the proper Hostname appears. Using multiple checkboxes () select up to five servers for comparisons and click "Display /etc/system" submit button at the bottom of the mult-host selection page. The "Installed System Packages" report will be displayed.

The "Installed System Packages" report will list each packages in alphabetical order as a single row, identifying the package instance, revision and a short package descriptions for each server.

The first set of columns except the last one represents a server host. The header displays the hostname and current Kenel OS. The column lists the package instance and revision across the row. The last column list the "Package Description". Each column entry uses the follows a color key notation as discribed in the table below:

Definition Text
Light Gray Light Gray No Discrepancy none
Pink Yellow Revision Discrepancy Bold
Yellow or blank Yellow Missing Discrepancy none
3 Optionally Use Discrepancy
The "Installed System Packages" report has a built in discrepancy engine. This is accessed through the pulldown at the top of the page:

Selecting any of these options will reprocess the "Installed System Packages" report to filter the selection.

The descripancy engine pulldown selections are described in the following table:

Full Display Lists all packages comparisons
Discrepancy Only Lists packages comparisons which are either have a revision conflict or missing.
Version Conflicts Only Lists packages comparisons have a revision conflict only.
Missing Only Lists packages comparisons which are missing.
4 Optionally highlight <hostname>
for display RAW pkginfo -l data.
Move mouse over the server <hostname>.

When highlighted, click mouse to display the "pkginfo raw file" windows popup of the pkginfo -l data collected by q-Status™ for that server.